Personalize – Organic traffic through SEO Strategy from CodeIT Team is an innovative online shopping platform which started its cooperation with

CodeIT in a difficult pandemic time but crucial for the business world in the digital media

ecosystem. We can now say without fear that we live in an era where everything revolves

around the virtual world where even the strongest game is played and there is greater


So to be positioned in the market you must necessarily take precedence over google search

engines – for visibility and interactivity with the buyer.

This has been the focus of our cooperation. The Code team has been constantly working on

site optimization ( Basically, SEO is a highly specialized content strategy and

helps a business discover opportunities to answer questions that people have about the

industry through search engines.


To optimize we examined the E-Commerce industry to which it belongs,

discovered what is important to the audience and developed an SEO strategy to put the right

content in front of this audience. (Keep in mind that not all companies have the same

optimization process).

The starting point was finding and selecting keywords. The latter are the oxygen of SEO

strategies. It is the most functional measure of all advertising platforms based on search

engine optimization.

Attention is paid to the title (heading) and Meta-Description (specific description of the page

being optimized). Internal edits have been made, increasing the speed and optimizing the

content with SEO oriented texts, respecting the word limits and the whole way of building an

article, with SEO friendly text. Definitely the content of the site is the secret.

Special care has been taken to redirect the links. In-page redirects are a measure which is

much preferred by google bots. The problem is that many times, these links are damaged or

deleted. The moment the internal links are no longer active, the SEO configuration is no

longer active. For Cheapy’s SEO it is monitored 24/7 to determine as accurately as possible,

all the solutions we focused on. All these factors that have increased the potential of, business development and profits.

We’ve made sure to follow all of Google’s rules exactly to rank the page as high as possible.

In any case if the rules are not applied the results are negative for the page ranking.

Obviously CodeIT specialists have managed to rank the site high in search engines thus

bringing organic page traffic.