An investor in business knows very well that the most difficult step in the market is not launching the idea, but tracking and maintaining in real time the whole work process. This process, regardless of the size of the services and business staff, goes through important time management, finance and human communications filters for which your brand leaves a positive or negative taste to the customers.


In our digital age, it is a necessity to manage and control from electronic devices (computers or smartphones). This computer convenience enables a “practical sight” on the entire performance of the business.


You are inside your business anywhere and anytime though not necessarily physically!


Technically, these digital systems by collecting data / information, manage to highlight the potential where to have more benefits or deadlocks where your business needs to improve.

Based on the typology of your business, programmers build modules of the system from which you can control from your smartphone:


– Employees

– Customers

– Finances

– Project status (active, passive, closed, etc.)

– Documents

Etc …



Which are the typologies of systems built nowadays?

Given the broad scope of the service, businesses feel the need for Management & Control Systems according to several main categories:


1. Work process management & control systems

2. Reporting systems at managerial levels

3. Human resource management & control systems

4. Sales management & control systems

5. Warehouse (inventory) management & control systems

6. Financial management & control systems


There is a total digital system for the business from where it controls all the above mentioned areas only from one internet connection.


Why are these systems being used this much now-days?


Control & Management Systems in daily use bring benefits to the business, making them not only practical but also a necessity over time. We mention some of their advantages:


Ease of action.

Digital systems are easily adapted, making them easy to use and in the language in which the business operates. They can be accessed from anywhere by just one internet line.


Reduces costs

Building a personalized system not only reduces the cost of purchasing incomplete ongoing systems in sale, but it also reduces day-to-day management costs in both human resources and work processes.


Increases efficiency

Being successful in business, means calculating not only the costs but also the hours spent by the staff on a given project. These types of software also help you measure and manage employee productivity.


Reduces the probability of making mistakes

Passing information from one platform to another increases the probability of making a mistake. With a comprehensive business management solution, you upload information only once; it is the software that does the rest. For any business, this type of automation and simplicity reduces the possibility of mistakes.


These digital systems enable you to keep the costs and profits of your business under very simplified control, and at the same time guide you to new safe opportunities of professional growth in both human resources and financial values.


In our codeIT portfolio we list some successful management systems:


AT Aligners

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