from zero to logo

From zero to logo….


You are building something from scratch and ideas are the only ally?

Okay, that’s enough for you to get started. Do you know that a business would never be complete without a prominent logo? And if the logo is not right then you will be easily forgettable in the market.


The question that naturally arises is “how to build the perfect logo?”


-Your story…

Since it will represent your company, start with its story. Think about the story behind it every time you look at the logo.



Then summarize the words that describe your brand. Put these ideas on paper with a simple outline. Remember that your target is the online marketplace and for them, it should be something that is easily remembered.



This means that if it’s not an icon, the text shouldn’t contain more than 7 words. This applies to colors too. If there are more than 3 colors it will turn into an enemy for your brand.
A very important part is the font of the script. It is imperative that everything the logo presents is in full compliance with the message that the business conveys through it.


No matter how confident you are in the work you do, never forget to consider your competitors. That is why a logo is so important because it is the one that represents you without too many words. And if you hit that first impression you easily turn into a brand, and the market is yours!