Why you should sell online according to Eurostat

On the occasion of World Statistics Day, we want to share with you a report from #Eurostat on online sales statistics worldwide and in Europe.

  • 68% of the global population in the age group of 16-74 made online purchases in 2022.
  • 75% of respondents in Europe made online purchases in 2022. This represents a 20% increase from the 55% recorded in 2012, demonstrating significant growth in just 10 years.
  • In Europe, the most active age group in online shopping is between 25 and 34 years old, with an impressive 87% making online purchases.
  • It’s interesting to note that 19% of European online shoppers also made purchases from countries outside their own.

What do these data tell us?


The online shopping market continues to expand year after year, intensifying the competition for online visibility and credibility…

➡️ If you’re thinking of starting an online selling business, we recommend taking a moment to carefully assess the competition in your specific sector. Later, we can present you with the optimal solution.
➡️ If you have a new business idea but are unsure about what to do, we can help you identify the products and services the market demands. Sit down with us, and together we will define the necessary requirements.
➡️ And if you’re at a stage where you want to expand your customer base internationally, keep in mind that 19% of online shoppers have already done the same. Just identify the right ways and channels to be visible.