QR Code – The Necessity of Scanning in Your Business!


QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that digitally directs you to certain information. So, this scanned material sends you to an online web page, to download an app, to an Instagram/Facebook page, or any source that can be found online.


The use of QR Code is becoming more and more important in business campaigns, no matter how small this business may be. The costs of a QR Code are minimal and the use of smartphones everywhere makes scanning easy and practical.

It all has to do with being coherent and getting information instantly from one person to another, or from a business to a consumer. This trend in the marketing industry is currently a service also offered in the codeIT office.



In essence, QR Code promotes mobile interaction and engagement. This type of strategy gives the user access to the information that the business will transmit, in a very fast time.

To succeed in implementing QR Codes in your business, there are some good practices to consider. Based on our technical knowledge and related business, codeIT specialists execute various methods for the proper functioning of this global innovation:



As a start, it is always important to give your customers a valid reason to scan a QR Code. An engaging phrase, like a call to action with your QR Code, is the way to convince customers to scan it.



Secondly, you need to make sure the QR Codes are scanned. A QR Code that is too big or too small to be detected by a smartphone is simply a waste of time and money.



Positioning is also important. Put your QR Code where it is easy for people to see and scan it.



Remember to try it before you print it to avoid mistakes that could result in customer dissatisfaction.



If possible, make rewards for your customers. Including something useful and attractive to reward those customers who spend time scanning your QR Code is a great way to influence them to scan next time.


The QR Code is an innovative way to use it for small business marketing. How we can bring it to your business we propose to you in a detailed presentation of costs and benefits.

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