Rr. Reshit Collaku


The way you advertise your business is the way the customer perceives you.

In CodeIT we provide full BRANDING service for all business types:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Corporation
  • Organization etc …

Entering the market means creating identity, fighting competition, and gaining a win-win position. Your investment is safe with the suggestions of our staff at CodeIT.

To create a good brand you should:

  1. Have Identity
  2. Create Trust
  3. Perfect Design
  4. Have Value
  5. Compile Strategy
  6. Position on Market
  7. Intelligent Marketing
  8. Targeted Advertising


To present a new image, CodeIT works on a consolidated team. After analyzing the market, the product/service and vision of investors we start to conceptualize the brand name and the detailed implementation strategies in the market.

Thus, in scheduled meetings with the client, certain steps are taken:

  1. Name
  2. Building logos and all online materials (WEB, Social Media Profiles, Email Signatures, Office, etc)
  3. Building a Company Profile
  4. Presentation and positioning of the company on the market
  5. Analyzing and predicting market activity etc …

After the conception, all the materials are delivered in two copies: print and digital.


Confirmation of all new brand materials opens the way for the whole new company’s life-cycle. Everything is done with a calendar that provides the right time for each publication.

In the brand’s implementation, design concepts include postcards, posters, or complex advertising campaigns. The whole organization of the constituent elements depends on the investment and budget of the clients..


Now that you have a brand, how will you use it?

We continue to support you in the following. We design a Marketing Strategy that helps you achieve your goals faster. In these designs we offer you:

  1. Social Media Calendar
  2. WEB Content Design
  3. Posts BLOG
  4. Video
  5. SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization etc…

Our greatest success is your development, so every branding service is carefully handled, passes an internal office audit and is proposed with all the advantages or disadvantages that may have on the market collision.