Rr. Reshit Collaku


If you want your products or services to be available for purchase then an e-commerce store is all you need. E-commerce transforms your business into an online store where everyone will have the ability to order products in real-time. This technology gives you the greatest benefits of online sales.

CodeIT is intended to provide users with a pleasant experience in digital purchases so that customer engagement is maximized.

We make the process of creating your online store as simple as possible. We keep the entire application process for an online merchant account by linking to the payment gateway and registering an account that delivers the goods to your name.

If your customers do not have difficulties in using your system, there are more chances that they will return to buy more products to your site.

The selected staff takes care of the right advertising, adaptation to the product theme, and availability of any computer platform and smartphone device.

E-Commerce is one of the main trends in recent years. The products are easily loaded and can be sold anywhere. We make it possible to connect your online store with the largest online sales platforms.

So choose the products you want to sell and let us take care of your online store.
We discuss the client’s ideas and help them professionally to choose what the customers require the most.

We offer both security and maximum functionality to ensure sales.

Our team finds the perfect e-commerce solution for your business, starting from consulting, development, implementation and optimized software services.

The templates we use are carefully selected to have the perfect functionality and allow us to maximize the power of e-commerce.

ecommerce whocommerce

Woocommerce is an ideal platform for small online stores that enables product cataloging by categories and the integration of all payment systems. Woocommerce easily transforms your web site into e-commerce.

ecommerce magento

Magneto is the most modulated structure for continuous updates. Integrates best on eBay and PayPal. Our staff prefers to have a secure payment system and product loading autonomously.

ecommerce shopify

Shopify is more practical. CodeIt has selected it as it gives you the opportunity to try the platform before deciding whether or not you fit. In addition to ease of use, it combines cost-effective functionality.

ecommerce prestashop

Prestashop offers a powerful cloud computing online interface. Currently used by a large number of shops around the world and is available in many different languages.