Rr. Reshit Collaku

Event Management

Organizing an event -

Event management includes a range of functions for the execution of large-scale events, which may include conferences, conventions, seminars, trade shows, meetings, presentations, inauguration ceremonies, etc. Are you organizing one? Do you need the right space or the necessary digital tools?

Turn your organization into a special event! Under the detailed CodeIT magnifier you will get the result you are looking for

Our working group in this context helps you with:

Reconciliations of dates and places

Advertising on social media

Video & Photo

Printed materials

Digital resources

Event tracking

Communication and publication of
the event on social media

Reconciling appropriate dates and places

We take care
of every detail

Digital resources for event

Video & Photoshooting

Attending the event (including the
promotion girl)

Preparation of all printing materials

Event management requires you to see the vision for the event up to the execution, which requires perseverance, creativity and flexibility, or more simply:

Save Time!

Ensure your

“What you need,
is an Event, to remember
for a lifetime.” ― Rehan Waris