Graphic Design

(logo, branding, web design)

Entering the market means creating identity, fighting competition and gaining a stable position. So your investment will be safe with our suggestions, as graphic design is one of the main directions of CodeIT.

We are a company specialised in creating unique models and brand identity. With our creativity and professionalism your brand will get the image that you want.

The DESIGN Department is organized in 3 working sections, each trained and experienced in relevant fields.

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Web Design


Are you starting a new business? Or are you updating your existing business image? Whatever your reason for working on a logo, CodeIT brings you unique and personalized proposals. Embrace your brand identity and present it in a unique design. We demand perfection in every aspect. Your name will have a long-term impact on the audience, represented by a professional logo.

Graphic Design

Graphic design includes all printed and digital works. Designers
work in both directions offering you personalized details of:


Creating a website goes through several stages in collaboration with clients. In the first stage, we gather any information about the company and then devise the creation of the website. Once the main points are proposed, the client agrees to collaborate on one of the proposed models. Every step is followed by both parties and fulfilling the website design is a combination of client requirements with professional advice. Based on the information we have, website development can be half-finished or built from scratch. Proposed models are One-Page Website, Multi-Page Website, Electronic Commerce, Blog, Reservations, etc.


The way you advertise your business is the way the customer perceives you. At CodeIT we offer you full brand services for all types of business. Trust the professionals so that your image and message to the market is clear, understandable and interesting.

To create a good brand you need to:

Have an identity

Build trust

Transmit values

Develop strategies

Effective design

Market positioning

Intelligent marketing

Good advertising


Now that you have a brand, how will you use it?
We support you continuously. We develop a Marketing Strategy that helps you achieve your goals faster. We offer:

Social media calendar

WEB content design

BLOG Posts


Packaging Design

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEO - Search engine optimization etc.

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