Printing & Uniforms

Give your brand a boost!

The identity of a brand comes to life with personalization. That's why we bring the print and uniform service as a novelty, to give life and breath to your business in physical form in addition to digital support. Growing a business means developing it in every aspect. CodeIT is the right choice for the future of your business.

Give your brand a boost! We are proud to offer the highest quality online printing services to businesses and creative individuals, tailored to market needs and customer budget. We offer competitive prices and, fast and friendly service. Whether you are a business owner or a graphic designer, our wide range of products will help you meet all your printing needs. Choose from a variety of exclusive product lines including business cards, postcards, brochures and much more.

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Clothing: uniforms, blouses, hats, aprons, etc




Business Card


Pharmaceutical Prescriptions



Greeting Card




Stickers, etc.

Give voice to your brand

Uniforms, aprons, blouses

Roll-up & Banners

Why Use Personalized
Uniforms in Your Business?

It is a form of advertising.

For anyone unfamiliar with a business they see, a company uniform advertises the service or brand.

Show the stability of the company

Product is not the only thing a business sells. Customer service and interaction with each employee is another selling point for a business. A first impression can make a big difference. Custom printed uniforms represent a company as a professional and reliable source. A small investment in a company uniform will greatly enhance the company image.

Increases employee productivity

The same effect occurs with any other sports uniform when a sense of unity is created by the conformity of the dress. The symbol of working towards a single goal will facilitate better communication and interaction. Any distraction caused by overly prominent clothing can also be avoided.

Printings are the true silent
ambassadors of your brand!