Rr. Reshit Collaku


SEO is a good strategy for developing your business. The difficulty of being ranked in Google is growing, therefore you need our intervention to have a proper position on the Internet. SEO focuses on building up your organic business presence and this can’t be done without a good strategy. This is the right way for your web to be on the top election.


Simply putting some keywords does not constitute a good SEO. We help you set SMART KEYWORDS and use them as an advantage. Content is also a very important point in reaching the right clientele.


Studies show that 5 first rankings show interest in online readers. Your ranking should be within these figures, especially compared to your market competitors.


Once the web content is approved and the site navigation is friendly we start and think about the proper SEO strategy. The strategy requires both technical and creative elements that together improve rankings.


SEO services include:

  • Keywords Research
  • Testing
  • Website Analytics & Tracking
  • Header & ALT Tags
  • Blog Posts
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • On-page SEO
  • Digital Maps
  • Etc…