Rr. Reshit Collaku

Web Design

CodeIT is a company specialized in creating unique designs and brand identity. The DESIGNING department is organized in 3 working sections, each trained and experienced in relevant fields.


Graphic design includes all print & digital works. Designers work in both directions by offering you personalized details of:

  • brochures, leaflets, office materials, business cards, etc …
  • topics/digital media posting frameworks, video animation, video effects, collage, retouch works, etc…

Print: flyer, brochure, business card, stationary, etc.

Digital: social media templates, video animations, video


The website design passes several stages in co-operation with the clients. In the first phase, we collect every information regarding the company and then we create the web design. Once the key points are proposed, the client agrees in collaborating for one of the proposed designs. Each step is followed by both parties and the accomplishment of web design is a combination of customer requirements with the professional’s advice.

Based on the information we have the website development can be semi-finished or constructed from the beginning. Proposed models are One Page Website, Multi-Page Website, E-Commerce, Blog, Booking, etc.


Are you starting a new business? Are you updating the existing business image? Whatever your reason for working on a logo is, CodeIT brings you special and personalized proposals. Embrace your brand identity and present it in a unique design. We seek perfection in every aspect. Your name will have a long-lasting impact on the audience, represented by a professional logo.