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Tirana, Albania


2021 - ongoing


E - Commerce

Team size

3 People

Overview  is an innovative platform for online shopping. At cheapy you can compare product features, ratings and prices; you can find the best offers and opportunities from all the most popular stores in Albania. This company offers a wide market for smartphones, telephones, televisions, electrical appliances, electronic devices, accessories and a range of other goods thus constituting a diversified portfolio.


The CodeIT team has been constantly working on optimizing the site for organic research. So a proper SEO strategy planning has been done based on finding and selecting keywords in the E-Commerce industry to which belongs. Attention is paid to the title (heading) and Meta-Description (specific description of the page being optimized). Internal edits have been made, increasing the speed and optimizing the content with SEO oriented texts, respecting the limits of words and the whole way of building an article, with SEO friendly text.

All of these interrelated factors have contributed to the increase in the appearance of CHEAPY in search engines and first page rankings.'s market positioning and competitive advantage is undoubtedly the merit of search engine optimization, which increases the visibility and interactivity of the business with the client. We can say without fear that the SEO Strategy is a cornerstone in the digital media ecosystem.