Rr. Reshit Collaku

Elefandi -


Tirana, Albania


2020 - ongoing



Team size

4 people


Elefandi is an online retail platform, which intervenes with its services in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Every business becoming part of this platform registers, creates and manages the online sale of relevant products. Codeit has enabled the unique design of the site, which was programmed from scratch in every detail, both on the WEB and in the App; adapted for iOS and Android. Both the portal and the app are built in such a way that shoppers and stores can be registered independently. Our specialists have also given it a graphic identity through the logo that clearly represents the name and the idea: – All in one place!
Since its publication ELEFANDI has known an unprecedented success and now counts a diversified portfolio of companies in numerous business sectors. It works the same as platforms of this typology all over the world, but this time it is a completely local initiative, which turns online shopping experiences into simpler and short-term activities. The portal / App provide reliability for the buyer by enabling secure and accurate orders. Definitely a rigorous project that talks about the name and work of CodeIT, making us proud and inspired for other complex projects, of this size.