Rr. Reshit Collaku

Global Travel -


Tirana, Albania


December 2020 - ongoing


Travel & Tourism

Team size

4 people


Global Travel is one of the largest and most important tour operators in Albania with more than 17 years of experience in the international market. This company offers a wide range of services, thus serving businesses in Albania and not only, but also customers who are looking for a friendly, professional, efficient service in organizing their travels inside and outside the country. Global Travel has established its name as a brand that symbolizes quality and reliability, a reference point for people who want to travel in complete freedom and at the same time have constant and discreet assistance possible.

The design and construction of the website are done in such a way as to convey all this idea and work education; reasons which make us very happy and proud of this collaboration. So the codeIT team has built the website with a unique design, starting from 0 (zero). Every page is designed, from the most minimalist details to the overall image that conveys through the special combination of colors and details.

Since we live in an era where travel is a goal, travel agencies are dominating the market and the competition in this industry is fierce. This is why our main focus has gone to SEO – search engine optimization for organic traffic, with a personalized manual package that primarily targets this area, thus enabling potential growth; business development and profits. In terms of social media we deal with the concept of online campaigns and budget management for Facebook and Instagram promotions.

Our collaboration remains ongoing with the aim of clearly conveying the values and mission of Global Travel: “The world is our home and thanks to our strong experience, at Global Travel we are able to offer our clients travel selections to every corner of our wonderful planet.”