Rr. Reshit Collaku

Idealign -


Tirana, Albania


2019 - ongoing


Dental Service

Team size

5 People


Powered by Kacdedja Dental, IDEALIGN in its beginnings was a novelty in the field of dentistry in Albania, in terms of Invisible Aligners. It came into practice as an advanced mini-evasive technology and as such had to be passed on to the public. Precisely for this, conceiving and presenting as a brand was an extra responsibility for the office. CodeIT has worked in detail for each element, starting from: Name, Logo, Banner, Landing Page incorporated in, Marketing Strategy etc.

We have created the social media profiles, which we continue to manage and enrich with videos and photoshoots, as well as we continue with the technical maintenance.Packaging Design is one of the key points of the identity of this brand, which is also our touch and has resulted in a real success in the quality and standard it transmits, taking this name to another stage. We designed the brochures, packaging kits with everything that they contain: E-commerce Box, Plastic Daily Box, Plastic Bags and Label Stickers, thus completing the 360 degree view by CodeIT. Undoubtedly the IDEAL service of Transparent ALIGNERS.