Rr. Reshit Collaku

Web Development & Web Application

Web Development & Web Application are growing rapidly worldwide as a business development tool. With a well-developed web site, customers get tuned and ask for what they need.

CodeIT develops a full application of the latest software bringing you novelty and creativity through coding.

Today’s life is largely based on computers so we want to come to you by developing a website that will perfectly fulfill your needs. It comes with all the functionality to offer you solutions and ease in navigation.

What does CodeIT provide?

  1. Experts in design and development
  2. Effective cost solution
  3. Personalized service and maintenance
  4. Streamlined process
  5. Friendly design
  6. Speed and security

The workgroup differs in frontend optimization and operates with CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

The programming languages we use are PHP, Javascript and the Laravel Framework & CodeIgniter.

Our team tries to analyze what customers want for their users.

And after we have agreed on the client requests the work begins:

  • We build your website using different content management systems.
  • We implement software applications using innovative frameworks that help to build faster applications and to achieve a unified structure.

CodeIT follows the strategy of developing user-focused web applications.

It is very important for your app to communicate and address customer needs.

You will expand your reach and grow by creating a reliable user experience.

Our web developers are specialized in this field. Our staff is experienced in both sectors private and public in the Albanian market and abroad. We offer you the best solution based on customer requirements.

CodeIT is a specialized company in building web systems. The workgroup has the utmost commitment that the performance of your site meets all the functions.

The web application offers you ease of use because:

  • No installation required

Web applications work as a browser, you do not need to install them on your device. Using a web application, you avoid using the software installation memory on any device. Once every computer has a browser, the installation time is very fast. Maintenance requirements are generally much lower.

  • They can go through different operating systems

The device shared in different operating systems is a software barrier. The Web App provides a solution to this issue.

  • Ease of Accessibility

Given that business systems are web-based, they can be accessed 24/7, as long as you have an Internet connection. Also, web applications are fully flexible offering access from almost every device and anywhere.

Desktop-based software needs to be upgraded and the team takes care of this part so that your business is always protected against security gaps.

  • Improving efficiency

Web applications help you streamline your business processes so you can do more work in less time and with greater precision. Moreover, having all your data integrated into one place, you have greater visibility of your business. Doing so you free staff time and allow reports to be updated with real-time information.