Rr. Reshit Collaku

social media trend or necessity

Social Media… Trend or Necessity?


Yes, it’s true we are surrounded by technology everywhere and no one can deny it anymore. Being online enhances the interactivity of any business. All of the services and products offered are advertised in a wider market achieving in this way the targeted feedback. When we are suggested a location, brand or company, the first thing we do is search on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media. If the impact it’s not good, would you bother visiting them closely?

That’s the way social media becomes a necessity…If we mismanage it will impact negatively our business. Whether individuals or large company we should know some rules on how to use social media wisely.


1.Firstly, a good marketing strategy should be made.

2. Pay attention! Never forget the target you aim to reach and work for.

3. Photos and videos should be realistic and of the best quality. This way you won’t disappoint any customer.

4. The frequency of posts should be selected based on the type of business. You shouldn’t become a nuisance to followers.

5. Some specific offers of each business need advertising. For good online budget management, a consult is needed.


Of course, social media is a trend for everyone. Recent years are showing that we need them more and more. Everything we need we find it online. Well, this is a fact, these good representatives of our businesses are already a must.